Your wedding dress has to be CHIC, ELEGANT and unforgettable…and it has to make you look beautiful on the happiest day of your life. No wonder choosing the right fairytale gown can be more than a little stressful, and whoever made white so downright unforgiving?
Wedding Dress

Here are some tips for your fitting moments:

1.No make-up.
Don’t wear anything other than moisturiser. You don’t want to leave lipstick or foundation marks on any expensive frocks!wedding dress tip

2.Bring a pair of heels.
You’ll need comfortable shoes on for shopping, but take a pair of heels with you so you can try them on with the dresses. You need to see where the hemline will be and how the dress will hang.weddin shoes

3.Come with your friends.
It’s difficult to form an objective opinion on your own, so take one or two close friends along with you. Ask them to be honest and take note of their positives and negatives as you try each dress dress help friends

4.Let`s Dance!
You need to be able to move in your wedding dress. Try out a few dance moves and try taking long strides in the shop. You will need room to move: it would be a shame not to be able to boogie away on your wedding day because you can’t move or you’re worried about ripping your dress!choose wedding dress


5.Check the lighting.
In the shop lights a white dress will look perfect, but ask if you can go out into the natural light to check that it dosn’t look yellowish in the daylight.If it’s sunny on your big day, you don’t want to reveal too much!fitting wedding dress

6.You have to accept your body.
Don’t plan on going on a miracle diet to squeeze into the wedding dress you want. Buy a dress that fit, and if you do happen to lose a few pounds before your bid day (through stress, for example), adjustments can always be made.

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