No doubt about it: Whatever your age, your diet can reduce your risk of breast cancer 42% or more, the latest research reveals.
Suschi pumps up your protection.
Eating one cup of seaweed weekly naturally lowers your levels of the troublemaking types of estrogen that can cause breast cancer.Not a sushi fan?Eat one cup of orange vegetables or 2 Tbs. of flaxseeds daily.Carrots, sweet potatoes and the like contain beta-carotene,and flax.That help your liver keep tissue- damaging estrogens in check.suschi-agains-cancer

Peaches and plums zap abnormal cells.
Both fruits are loaded with protective compounds that destroy aggressive breast cancer cells without harming healthy cells around them.For best results, eat one heaping cup of this fruits daily.Try chopping them into yougurt,oatmeal,cottage cheese or green salads.peach isolated on white background
Beer marinades reduce your risk 12%.
Marinating your beef, chicken or other meat in beer helps block the formation of cancer-causing compounds(PAHs) during grilling,cutting your breast-cancer risk as much as 12% if you barbecue
Blueberries cut your risk 25 %.
Blueberries contai more flavonoids than any other fruit or vegetable.Flavonoids help break down carcinogens before they can cause harm,reducing your odds of breast cancer as much as 25%.Eat 1/2 cup daily.Blueberry-againns-breast-cancer

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