When you are going to the beach,to the seaside on summer time do not forget to leave the cell phone,but sunscreens for the hair must take in your suitcase honorable place. The sun, chlorine and water. UV rays, salt water and humidity — all which can lead to pool-hair, fried scalps and frizzy, dried out hair. It’s not just your skin that needs sun protection, your hair does too.

Scientific Approach While you’re enjoying  on the beach, your hair feel not so serene, as you yourself. It is no exaggeration to say that at this moment they are like a real battlefield, and their enemy – the sun. Beat on all fronts applied UV radiation and heat. If you believe the scientists, our hair is nothing like 80% keratin, 15% water, 4% amino acids and fats, and only 1% of the color pigment, which is responsible for the color. So: under ultraviolet light occurs photodecomposition of amino acids and change the tone – the result of this insidious process we call burnout. Fortunately for brunettes, they contain a large amount of granular pigment, which is almost destroyed by UV rays. But blondes need to be vigilant: nature has given them to disperse pigments, which is almost defenseless against the sun. Under his influence, he disappears, leaving behind only oxides, intense lightening hair.

Simple Truth If you’re on the beach with a wet head, hair are even more at risk. Another factor may be traumatic … banal-comb brush. Replace it with the one that with a few teeth, and start from the ends of the strands smooth, gradually rising to the roots – it is less blasphemous towards your hair. Also during vacation you better forget about the hot Styling strong hold – be generous, let’s head breather least once a year. So girls there is some products below to protect your hair from sun.


  1. AVEDA SUN CARE AFTER-SUN HAIR MASQUE contains morikue protein to help restore weakened hair, tamanu oil, certified organic shea butter, coconut and palm oils to moisturize hair and an anti-oxidizing blend of green tea extract, certified organic sunflower seed oil and vitamin E which help protect against free radicals. Well, whatever is in it, it’s working.Aveda
  2. KERASTASE SOLEIL BY LOREAL Kérastase introduces Huile Celéste, a light-weight protective oil mist for all hair types that contains UVA and UVB filters and highly reflective gold micro-particles. A glamorous new sun care essential for intense protection and infinite shine.  sun-protect-hair
  3.  WELLA PROFESSIONALS SUN PROTECTION Wella Professionals Sun Protection Spray is a high performance spray to protect hair from harmful UV rays.Especially formulated for fine and normal hair types this dual phase spray offers outstanding UV protection for before and during sun exposure. Phase 1 effectively helps to protect the hair against UV Rays and sun damage whilst Phase 2 in enriched with a unique Vitamin Complex which intensely hydrates hair preventing it from drying out. Wella Professionals Sun Express Conditioner deeply repairs hair after sun exposure.Perfect for all hair types this high performance conditioner is infused with a high content of Vitamin E which works to instantly nourish and repair sun damaged hair.


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