Parkinson`s disease can strike anyone,at any age, and this nervous system disorder can make everyday tasks-such as picking up dishes,buttoning your shirts and even talking-difficult. Not to worry: These simple,study-proven steps are proven to help prevent it!

The right organic fruits and veggies cut your risk 50%.
When buying apples,strawberries,grapes and celery-the foods most likely to be treated with lots of pesticides.Turns out,eating foods high in pesticides often can inhibit your brain`s ability to sweep out toxins before they can cause harm.So simply going organic with those foods can cut your risk of Parkinson`s disease as much as 50%.
Fish oil and vitamin D nourish brain cells.
Taking 2,000 mg. of fish oil,plus 3,000 IU of vitamin D,daily could reduce your Parkinson`s risk as much 50 %.Fish oil shuts off damaging inflammation, a major Parkinson`s trigger.And vitamin D improves the function of hundreds of protective genes in your brains. Always check with your doctor before taking any supplement for the first time.fishoil-agains-parkinson
Tomatoes stop nervous system glitches.
Eating four cups of tomatoes weekly could cut your risk of Parkinson`s 19%.Tomatoes are packed with with an edible form of nicotine that soaks into brain nerves and helps them function properly,the study authors say.Cauliflower,bell peppers,hot peppers and eggplant are also rich in this brain-nourishing compounds.Tomato_against_parkinson`s
Walking steadies blood sugar.
Briskly walking for 30 minutes daily can push your risk of Parkinson`s down 40%.Turn out,your brain needs a steady,dependable trickle of blood sugar to function at its peak. If your sugar levels drop too low-or rise too high-it can damage and prematurely age your brain nerves,speeding the onset of Parkinson`s disease.Exercise improves your insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control,helping to keep your brain`s sugar levels in the healthy,protective range.

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