One of the most popular accessories for women are sunglasses.This summer designers presented sunglasses collection starting from the last century.Let its see what are the forms and models are.


Cat Eyes

Retro shape with elongated rim areas in the coming season best designers reinterpreted Fendi Briton and Stella McCartney. Such accessory is not for the timid fashion girls, but if you’re partial to retro-based ,these glasses will be the same “twist” of any of your image.


Round Shape

Round glasses are back in fashion just a few seasons ago, the last time so bright announcing himself back in the 90s. Next summer round shape reserves the leadership position, slightly modified.

Square Shape

Square shape sunglasses- large or medium-sized next season provided such designer brands like Chanel, Gucci and Michael Kors. This form can already be considered a classic of women’s sunglasses. Such accessory will add glamor and mystery to any everyday image. Among the future favorites – instances in a large horn-rimmed like Michael Kors, which are ideally suited for the city in the spring and summer. And large glasses with colored translucent lenses like Gucci – for a seaside holiday.

Full Mirror Sunglasses

Super popular last summer sunglasses with mirror glasses moved also in this summer season. Next summer, in addition to the mirror surface to the forefront shape points. All sunglasses also remain popular “cop” – classic teardrop shape, such can be found in the collection Roberto Cavalli.

Sunglasses with coloring glasses.

Perhaps the most controversial sunglasses of this summer- is colored transparent lens. Appropriate to use this accessory in daily life is far from every fashion girl. The more interesting such experiments and unexpected results! These glasses fit perfectly into the images in the style of Boho-chic or relaxed way to beach parties by the pool.

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