Think reaching your goal weight has to require a lot of deprivation and hard work? Not so! Scientists have recently uncovered easy ways to trick your body into shedding pounds almost effortlessly!

1. Start your day with corn flakes!

You probably know that having a breakfast kicks your metabolism into high gear, helping you effortlessly burn more calories. Eat cereal with big flakes! Your brain perceives big flakes as more filling than cereal with small flakes or pieces-such as granola or fiber “twings”-which take up less room in the bowl. You automatically eat about 34% less, feel just as full-and still benefit from that metabolism boost!
corn flakes lose weight

2. Cut your pizza into pieces!

Eating a food that`s one big (such as bagel or slice of pizza or cake)? Cut it into bite sized pieces first, and you`ll eat less of it. Your brain sees food that`s in lots of small pieces as bigger-and more filling-than food that`s whole, so it sends out fullness signals sooner!small picies pizza lose weight

3.Curb hunger and melt more fat with ticker foods!

Make your soups creamier by adding pureed vegetables and thicken smoothies by adding low-fat yogurt or crushed ice, and you `ll consume fewer calories effortlessly. It makes sense if you think about it. The thicker food, the more filling it is and feeling full prompts a steer drop in the appetite- revving hormone ghrelin. When ghrelin is lower , your metabolism is higher.

Smoothies losing weight

4. Dodge snake attacks by rearranging your kitchen!

Ever enter your kitchen intending to choose a healthy snack , only to grab chips instead? You can avoid this dilemma by rearranging your kitchen. The key: Put diet-friendly items – like fruit, baby carrots and 100-calorie snack packs – front and center in to your fridge and cupboards, and stash diet-breakers- like sugary puddings and chips-all the way in the back. People who followed this advice lost 15-20 pounds, more than whose who did not!

rearranging food fridge losing weight

5.Turn on cravings for healthy treats the fruity way!

Wish you were the type of person who`d pick yogurt or fruit salad over brownies every time? Try taking a deep whiff of an apple ot other fruit and you will be! Scientists reports that fruity aromas prime your brain to prefer healthy , low-cal desserts over fattening ones!

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